We are a World Leader in Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Impotence and Infertility.

We entered the private medical sector in 1990 with a centre in North Finchley. Following our success and good reputation, we expanded by offering our services in Harley Street.

We became one of the world leaders in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapy, Infertility and Sexual Difficulties for both men and women. Conferences were arranged for us in different countries in order that others could learn and share from our knowledge and experience. We were the first to offer new techniques of treatment in the Middle East and the Gulf region. We now also provide expert services in these regions.

We are proud to offer the highest standard of medical care and treatment, in strict confidence. We offer a wide range of medical services, some of which are unique. We believe that we are the first and possibly the only clinic to offer fallopian tube catheterisation in London, the Middle East, and the Gulf region as an alternative treatment for test tube babies (IVF) in patients with blocked fallopian tubes.

We offer a full range of infertility investigations and treatments for men and women, including the latest technique for polycystic ovaries and male infertility, poor quality sperm, which could be due to hormone imbalance with treatment usually by medical rather than surgical means. We are one of the world leaders in the field of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for the male menopause (Andropause, Viropause or commonly known as middle age crisis) and sexual difficulties.

There is a wide variety of symptoms for hormone imbalance. Unfortunately, the medical profession has in the past, undermined the benefits of Testosterone therapy. We have been involved in this field since 1989, and patients feel revitalised following the treatment. Hormones can correct impotence, however, impotence could be due to a wide range of underlying causes. We offer a varied range of treatment with a success rate in excess of 95%.

Only recently over the past few years, media including television at home and USA have been showing the great benefits of male hormone (Testosterone) benefits both in men and women and its role for rejuvenation and great effect on sexual drive in both sexes and its effect on arousal and erection.

Our title " The British Fertility & Virility Centre" was approved by The Honorable Secretary Of State For Trade & Industry as noone can use the the sensitive word "British" without the approval. To get the approval, you have to be a british company offering unique service and be supported by authorities in the field. We are very proud of our title

Some of our patients suggested if we can also trade under a general name as the "fertility and virility" might have given some clue to their medical problem. Therefore we decided to also trade as Regency Clinic so no one would know why you cane to our clinic and to maintain the highest level of secrecy and confidentiality.


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For more information on any procedure please ring one of our friendly staff who will help you take the right decision your privacy is paramount here at regency clinic so all calls are confidential.

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