Hymen Reconstruction
(Hymen Repair, Hymenoplasty, Virginity Reconstruction)

This is also known as hymen cosmetic surgery or virginity repair.
"Take a look at our website video on Hymen Repair. It will give you an idea of modern practice. This certain surgery we can perform for you!"

We understand the complications of a woman losing her virginity before she gets married in some cultures and societies. In some countries a women might get killed for the honor of the family.

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Hindu, sikhs, Pakistani, Muslims, Arabs, Greeks, Latin Americans, Mexicans, Jews, British and white English Girls marrying to men who expect then to be a virgin. …etc are among those who do not accept sex before marriage and might seek hymen reconstruction.

The hymen was and still is considered as the seal of approval that the women is still a virgin, never had sexual intercourse and is a sign of purity. In some cultures and religions, a man will only look for a virgin to marry.

It is expected that a virgin should bleed on her wedding night after the sexual penetration and still in some countries, a handkerchief showing the hymen blood of the wedding night will be shown as a sign of honour and pride. It is worth mentioning that about 25% of virgins will not bleed on their wedding night although they are virgins.

Many developing countries now allow doctors to perform hymen repair and is considered legal (where it was considered illegal) and this subsequently reduced the death rate of women because of loss of virginity.

We have been performing this type of surgery for over 18 years and helped quite a lot of women from different background and cultures. The aim is to repair the hymen and gaining virginity again. Patient should expect to bleed on her first subsequent sexual penetration. You do not have to give us your real name if you wish. We treat all our patients in the strictest confidence.

We normally offer our patients a check up after one week and one month after their surgery to ensure success. Success rate might be affected by vaginal infection, discharge, inexperience surgeon….etc. Because of the importance of this operation to the woman, we guarantee our results provided no intercourse or penetration is performed. If the hymen did not heal properly because of infection, we shall perform this operation again at no extra costs.

The operation is usually performed under local anesthetics as most patients do not want to be missed from home, they are normally go home after about one hour from their surgery. The hymen is properly repaired and connected using dissolvable stitches. The operation can take ½ to 1 hour in total. A simple pain killer might be needed for the first day or two. Some small bleeding (no more than a period) might be seen for 2-3 days. You should bleed on your wedding night and keep your head high.

It was mentioned on the documentary that the operation might involves a couple of stitches or for some a red colour vaginal gelatin capsule none of which we perform. We believe that inserting a couple of vaginal stitches or the red color gelatin capsule are not hymen repair and if this was found out it could have very serious complications to the woman in question and her family reputation. We perform proper hymen reconstruction as we are fully aware of the risk and consequences if the woman was found not to be a virgin. We strongly believe that we are giving these women a second chance in life. A woman who lost her virginity when was under age or as a result of rape or assault should not suffer to the rest of her life. We are very confident about our work and do care about our patients, their safety and their future.



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