Labial Reduction & Labioplasty or Labia design

The vaginal introitus is surrounded by labia majora (towards the outside near the thighs) and labia minora towards the inside surrounding the vaginal opening. Some women complains of the excessive skin of labia minora which may be caught during the intercourse causing pain, embarrassment when wearing swimming suits or exercise or putting some partners off. Some women feel the need of trimming the excess skin for cosmetic reasons because they are or made aware by their partner.

Labial Reduction and Labioplasty or Labia design

Over the past 20 years, we have developed our own technique to achieve the best results for our patients. Some of the common mistakes of this surgery is to remove almost most of the labial skin, disfigurement of labia by splitting each side to two pieces oe ending up with unequal labiae. We have seen these complications with some patients who are not ours.

Excision of the excess skin can be performed under local anaesthesia, completely pain free. The experienced surgeon should be able to decide how much to remove of the excess skin. We actually designed our own instrumentations to ensure excellent results. We used to insert sutures which were removed after about five days. Over the past 5 years, we have changed our technique and now insert stitches under the skin which are dissolvable. This is made the operation almost pain free. There might be slight scratch like feeling for the following day or two which can be controlled by simple pain killer like paracetamol if needed.

You will be advised not to eat onions, garlic, mushroom or take aspirin (or anadin) as they can make your blood thin and bleed a little bit more. No need to post operative dressing. Simple personal hygiene is all what is required. It is expected that you will have some swelling and may be slight bruising for a week or so. Patients are usually very happy with the results after one week but we would like to remind you that improvement will continue up to three months.

Patient can resume sexual activity after 7-10 days from surgery. Patients are normally very confident and happy with the results of this operation.

All our patients are very happy with what we have achieved for them. This is a very satisfying operation for the patient and this type of surgery is on the increase here in UK, Europe, Middle East and USA.

We would like to stress that we do not perform female circumcision and we are against it.



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